Password & Email Breach

According to an article featured at nearly 773,000,000 records, including email addresses and passwords were exposed in a data breach.

Security researcher Troy Hunt publicized detail of this breach. The data was evidently collected from a large number of previous breaches and uploaded to the web. For those who would like to read more information about this breach, Troy provides additional detail:

Data theft, financial theft related to the Internet, and ID theft (among others) have been significant problems for years. Many still have the “deer in the headlights look” when it comes to protecting their personal data, financial accounts, and personal identity.

There are many steps that can and should be taken for protection. Using secure unique passwords, unique user names, and 2-factor authentication are three major steps that can go a long way to protecting you.

Consider changing your passwords now and also stay up on IT security issues. It would also be a good idea to discuss both personal and business security with your IT professional. Those with the “deer in the headlights look” are much more likely to find themselves with a serious problem.

One of my favorite quotes came from an old IT consulting group which provided services for our CPA firm. I call this Pollard’s Theorem which goes: ” You don’t have a problem, until you have a problem, THEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!”


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