Our Services & Technology

Technology is changing by the minute how we work and play! Our firm has spent a lot of time and energy studying and using technology to improve our services.


We believe time is one of the most important commodities we all have (we just do not know how much we have). Well implemented technology can save you time in the services we provide for you.

We are working with the Microsoft videoconferencing Lync product. Using Lync, we can meet by videoconference and share information on our screens with you such as a tax plan. No travel time and you can meet with us from anywhere there is a web connection.

LyncWeb-based client portals allow the transfer of information to us and our clients to access reports and returns prepared for them, 24 hours a day, in a secure manner.

This is our third year working with web-based organizers allowing our clients to complete their organizers online (in their own secure portal) and send their completed organizer and other documents to us electronically. No more trips to our office to drop off those amended brokerage statements.

Our firm now has nearly 15 years experience with a less-paper office. We have been working with the Thomson Reuters document management system, File Cabinet. This product works seamlessly with our client portals.

We will continue to make improvements to our services and work with new technology. Making things easier for our clients and saving our clients time are part of this process.


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