Business Benchmarking

There are so many demands on a business owner and it is easy to get into a reactionary mode just dealing with issues as they come up.

There are a number of ways to become proactive with your business. One method is to consider the use of benchmarking. In general, benchmarking is a process for comparing your business metrics with the metrics of other businesses. Benchmarking can be a very valuable tool in your business owner toolkit.

Our firm provides the Profit Cents benchmarking services of Sageworks. We provide the basic service, free to our existing clients.

You utilize Profit Cents services by providing your business metrics (no business name is provided when the data is entered into their databases) and obtaining a summary report comparing your business with similar businesses. You can also obtain industry summary reports for businesses similar to yours if you prefer not to share your financial data.

See below for sample report clips and our website for full Profit Cents reports. Please let us know if you should have any questions regarding Profit Cents and business benchmarking.

Click here for a sample report Benchmark


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