Web Bug Heartbleed May Cause Heartache

Details of a significant web security problem were released in a number of stories on the evening of April 8th.  This potential security problem involves OpenSSL which is used to protect and secure communications between users and websites. It is likely you use this security in some form or another. (For example, those that have online banking may be using this security among many others.)

It may be possible for those exploiting the vulnerabilities of this specific bug, known as Heartbleed, to gain access to user names and passwords.

If you are a business using the web, we would encourage you to speak with your IT provider and to ensure all possible steps have been taken to protect your business against Heartbleed. There are a number of articles describing this bug that you can read by Googling the name.

Individuals who use HTTPS secured sites (most sites with logins) may want to consider changing critical passwords after evaluating whether the websites they use are affected by the OpenSSL bug, and determine if these websites have been patched.

While it is difficult to determine the extent of the problems caused by Heartbleed, understanding your potential risks and taking action to protect yourself and your business, is important.

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