Technology Consulting

While not one of the core services we provide, our firm does use technology extensively in our practice and does share our technology use with our individual and business clients. We provide some limited consulting in our areas of expertise.

We implemented a digital records storage system in our office in the year 2000 and have continued to refine our less-paper office over the years.

We are currently implementing the Creative Solutions File Cabinet digital document management system and believe this software to be applicable to a variety of professional service firms.

Our firm is a Microsoft Partner and evaluates Microsoft business and networking software prior to company-wide release. We also are a Microsoft Action Pack subscriber giving our firm access to a number of different Microsoft applications for use within our firm.

We are currently using VMware virtualization in our server environment for efficiency, backup, and full system restoration.

Our firm, on a test basis, is working extensively on workflow process improvement and the addition of Internet based technologies to improve our firm services. We are implementing the Creative Solutions Net Client (in connection with File Cabinet) to provide secure client portals for client document and records sharing.

We have worked with speech recognition software, a variety of business software applications, tablet PC’s, netbooks and other hardware and software.