Business Advisory Services

In addition to our business tax return preparation we also provide business advisory services including services related to business entity selection, business succession planning, general ledger preparation, accounting system setup, payroll services, depreciation schedule preparation, cash flow and budgeting analysis, business improvement and other business services.

We generally use QuickBooks for our client write-up services and have CPA’s with extensive knowledge of QuickBooks.

Our firm is a member of Sageworks. Our membership allows us to prepare industry specific financial information. We provide this financial information, free of charge, to our clients. You may view a few general industry reports by selecting the appropriate PDF document on our Downloads page.

Our Sageworks membership also allows us to prepare benchmarking reports to compare  specific financial company information with those of other similar companies in the Sageworks database. This financial information is presented in an easy to read format and includes graphs to help in understanding the customized information benchmarking presented. We also provide this information, free of charge, to our clients. Please note, these reports are prepared without disclosing the identity of the specific business. (We value the privacy of our clients and take data security seriously.)